The Tax Office is your local Small Business destination. Find everything from Accounting and Bookkeeping. Tax Planning and Tax Preparation. Payroll Services. Business Start-Up. Keeping your business finances stable takes more than Tax Preparation. This is what makes us more than a Tax Office.

Passion Statement: We strive to build a stronger community by supporting Micro & Small Business' to partner with them to run their business with Knowledge, Honesty, and Integrity!


Knowledge is Power: through experience & education we continue to build our knowledge to better serve our clients and community.


We deliver a consistent adherence with strong moral ethical principles & values.


Building close relationships with the principles of truth, trust & moral integrity.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

The task of bookkeeping can be a time-consuming and tedious job. At the end of a work day there is not always the time or energy to enter checks, receipts, record deposits and balance bank accounts. We can relieve you of this burden and provide you with monthly financial statements to help you manage your business. Let us show you how we can free up your time so you can focus on what you do best!

Tax Planning and Preparation

Let TTO do the heavy lifting because tax planning & preparation should be more than just filling out and sending in tax forms. It is the relationship between client and tax professionals working together to plan a strategy for tax savings currently and for the future. Let our 33 years of experience work for you to save you money!


The late filing of payroll reports and wrong reporting of payroll taxes is probably the number one reason we see businesses fail! It is a penalty nightmare and a hole that is hard to climb out of. With our years of experience with Micro & Small Businesses, we can shift this responsibility from you to us! Whether it is one paycheck or hundreds, give us a call!

Business Start-Up

A new business requires a lot of planning and filing to get up and off the ground. From the formation of the proper type of company which can have very different tax burdens, and filing all the paperwork necessary to get you doors open for business. It is very important that your accounting practices be set up properly from the beginning to assure smooth sailing down the road. The Tax Office will be happy to guide you through each step to get you off to a proper start.

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